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My name is Shahar, nickname DynaZor.

I’m a hobbyist in the following areas:
CG Art
Director Of Photography
Guitar Playing
Guitar Upgrading and Setup

I’m living in Israel, speaking Hebrew and English.

If you want to support me, check out My Gear, and if you find something you want,
I could benefit if you purchase from links I posted 🙂
Also, here’s my Amazon Wishlist, if you want to gift me something, contact me by eMail first 🙂
(I don’t like surprises… sorry :P)
If I get a gift from you, and you contacted me first, I most certainly will make a review for the item!
I’m considering putting up a Patreon page, if you have suggestions about this topic, please tell me.

To contact me send an eMail to Me@DynaZor.com
I will respond as quickly as I can 🙂

You can also send a message to my YouTube channel (link in the menu)