Blog #1 – New Website! New Hopes?

I’m new at this, here’s my first blog post

…another attempt at Websiting

I just started making this website, after having my Tumblr gallery as a website for a couple of years.
I’m trying to make a blog instead so I can post anything I want in any form I want,
and by that open up opportunities for more content.

It is a bold move for me, as past experiences lead to frustrations and feelings of failure;
mostly because I don’t code well… and I was a perfectionist… and life is illogical to me (I’ll expand the subject in the future)
I have no real goal at the moment, except for exposing my art more and letting people know me better.

This time, I’m hosting the website on Namecheap, which is a great domain registrar that I use for years and enjoy every moment.
They give great service, and answer technical questions with respect.
I only endorse them because I like them, I don’t plan on making money from endorsements any time soon.
I didn’t have past experiences with paid-hosting, so if something happens – I’ll update in the blog.

I’m very hesitant on enabling comments to my posts, since in the past – they were all spam
while I wanted to open up and discuss.
So this time, I’ll try to prevent spam, and really try to open up discussions from my posts to the comment section.

Where do I find the courage and the will to… where was I?

As this is my first blog post, I don’t assume you know me, so I’ll introduce myself 🙂

I’m Shahar DynaZor, 21 y.o from Israel.
Artist in my soul and blood.
Currently dealing with physical and psychological damages from the past years.
I just started working at a restaurant for a month, and I’m afraid I won’t hold for another month…

My key characteristics:
I’m very observant, mostly I miss my own feelings because of that
I’m very expressive – maybe not in physical language, or writing, or faces…… But in art.
I’m not self aware, although I think I am – still figuring this out 0.o
Shoe size: 11.5/11 US (46.5 EU) | Height: 1.72m (5′7) | Hence the nickname DynaZor

My life-saying:

I forgot that I can't remember

Most of what I can tell about myself other than that, is my past…
I’ll save that for my next blog post 🙂


Summing it up, ’cause I can

So what have we got here today;

  • New website, blog, which I’ll try to invest in unlike in the past
  • You know the reason for my nickname now
  • I talked a bit about myself
  • I had my first experience in making a blog post 0.o

Wish me good luck in keeping this blog alive =]

PS. the second title is a part from “Little Acorns” by The White Stripes, which I adore <3

PPS. This is my first blog entry ever, spare my life 😛

Have a nice day,


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