New eMail Address – Why? How? What? (Updated 16/08/18)

Hi there!

It’s been a while, since I’m still waiting for the parts to arrive..

Anyway, I’m moving to a new eMail address and will use different provider and clients.

(15/08/18 – After finding out more info, new info is marked with *)

TL;DR: What is the new address?


I don’t really like GMail’s web interface, and it always changes.

I mean, it changed A LOT, Too Much!

So first I moved to another provider, which was perfect the first 4* years;

*I was registered in and used it for 8 years!*

Except a few big problems like ads* and RTL support, which is mandatory for me,

then they began the “Freemium” and “Premium” route…

So I got pushed to a corner of paying them

just to release the archive of eMails which is super important to me..

I mean, it’s free, ok, but man, gimme some headspace

and some way to leave you without shelling out 12 bucks, you know?

*On the other side, about 4-6 years of good freemium service, I get it…*

Also, I want to use my own domain for the mail…. I already own it…


So I’m glad to pay a little to get much much MUCH more! 🙂


Sounds weird to ask myself “How did you\I do that?!” XD

But the answer is simple, I think:

I paid the old service for a short premium.

(3 months, which is good enough to notice all

the websites and people I need to update my new address to)

Used POP3 to download all the mails to my old Outlook program on my PC.

And then started updating everything everywhere everytime everyhow everywhen.


So I own domain on NameCheap,

who give me 70% of the time over the top support and 100% up time for 4 years.

So I checked what plans do they have for email services;

while the CPanel option was already free for me – it wasn’t easy enough to use,

it was quite a hassle and I wanted the easiest email to use and the most compatible.

So they have (at the time of posting) a “Private” email plan;

(under hosting-private email hosting)

About 10$ per year and I get:

  • POP/IMAP/Webmail – Which is all I need…
  • 3 GB email storage – I don’t receive attachment often so It’s a lot
  • 1 GB file storage – YAY… *I mean.. I already have Google Drive with 15GB…*
  • Anti-spam protection – On the CPanel I was flooded with bots
  • OX Drive – I have Google Drive (15GB, again) but thanks…
  • 1 mailbox included – Each addtional is 3-4$ per year – WOW

All other services I found to support my own domain

and IMAP cost above the 50$ per year mark,

so I went on and started my 2-month free trial!

So now I needed an…

eMail Client

I mean “some eMail clients” because I have a PC and a smartphone…

Back to the topic;

I went on with Outlook for my PC (not the new ones, but it’s good!)

I would recommand the open source alternatives,

but I didn’t try because I already have Office… (If you want me to review a program, eMail me)

For my smartphone, which is Nokia 8 with Android Oreo (8) I went with BlueMail.

I chose it because:

  • It’s free
  • It’s customizable
  • It works with custom IMAP
  • It updates faster than GMail (I would have used GMail otherwise)

What now?

I’ll just transfer all my mails to my new address

and update the website and people accordingly.

I’ve already updated the website’s contact page 🙂

Update 15/08/2018 12:35

I contacted (1&1) to remove my credit card info so I won’t pay automatically,

because I wanted only the 3 months I paid for and not more than that.

So their answer was I need to clarify it’s really me and they will do just that,

while allowing me to fulfill my subscription to its end.

After approving, they sent me an eMail saying I have 2 days left for my premium subscription while I should have had 2 months!

I’m not going to do anything about it because I frankly don’t care anymore,

I backed up my old emails and already have my new email ready.

But why make it so dirty and bad tasting?!

Waiting for their input…

Update 16/08/2018

I got refunded and the subscription was cancelled…

It was an unfortunate miscommunication on both sides.

Instead of letting me know they didn’t receive the money yet, they just issued a refund and cancelled my premium subscription.

They could just tell me that and I would have waited a week to ask to then remove the credit card… But they just read the first line and went with their actions.

Anyway, I’m done with this story.

I won’t get near 1&1 and its subsidiaries anymore,

and I pay for the services I get now, with the great support of NameCheap.

Have a good day 🙂


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