Project “KeepBall” Month #2

Hi! Itโ€™s DynaZor here!
Project โ€˜KeepBallโ€™ just passed two months of development!

Everything in this blog post is written from my own point of view
which is based solely on my own experiences and knowledge.
I might be wrong and I know it.
Also, not everything written on the internet is factual ๐Ÿ™‚


I’ve set up these goals for the last month:

  • Ball Variants System and 5 Ball Var’s – Done!
  • 4 New Achievements – Nope…
  • 4 New Levels – Nope…
  • Interactive Tutorial System – Nope…
  • GamePad Control System – Done!

I didn’t hold up this month to my goals,
however I did make a lot of progress;

I’ve made the base for the SoundFX system for the game,
recorded a fair amount of SFX, edited some and implemented some.

Taking into account that I’m busier lately, especially taking another project,
here is my Goal list for the next month:

  • 4 New Levels
  • Complete SoundFX System with sounds (1 var per effect)
  • Remake all menus for better Controller Support

Programming Mindset

This is just a suggestion, as always ๐Ÿ™‚

When writing code,
always come back to the function or method
and ask yourself “how can this be used wrong?”

This way you can come up with fixes for bugs you haven’t seen yet,
and therefore making the dev process much more efficient!

Tipps und Tricks

  • Lighting Needs to be Generated!
    When changing settings in the Lighting Settings in Unity,
    you need to Generate the lighting
    even if you are not using baked lighting!
    I’ve had many issues resolved by pressing that “Generate” button…
  • Multiple Menu Panels in One Scene
    Having multiple panels in the same scene can cause mayhem in navigation.
    The solution is simple for a few menus and tiresome for many.
    You need programmatically disable inaccessible menus or button
    and this way the navigation system will work as expected.
    I’d recommend using an Enum with menu types like so:
    [I’ll add the code when I’ll have more time
    or when somebody will ask for it]

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