Blog #2 – Where are my shoulders again? [History of a DynaZor]

I’ll give you a chance to know me better before I go on with my blog

Well, here’s some background first

Should I? Yeah I Should!

Hi there!

This is my second blog post (evah!!)
This time I’m going to talk a bit about my injury.
I’ll try to be more focused and remember my writing lessons so the post will be somewhat better ~.~

When I attended High School I was a very active person,
Ultimately I had two (and a half) goals in life:

  • Work as a Break-Dance Instructor, while participating in events and contests.
    And also help “Pure” Parkour spread and be acknowledged.
    (By “Pure” I mean smooth movements without acrobatics, 100% ‘healthiness’)
  • Work in one of the huge animation movie companies as a CG(I) Artist,
    preferably a modeler, after excelling in a big university.

(TL;DR – I was a VERY active person)

I participated in a Break-Dance class, and I began my way to be an instructor.
In school, every break I crossed to the other side of school just to get to the pull-up bars,
used them and then hand-walked the football court next to them.
After school, if I could, I wouldn’t be home;
At least walked 2km daily (in addition to the total 4 KM to school and back home),
3 days a week I trained in Parkour with a friend for at least 2 hours each,
participated in both the beginners and the advanced Break-Dance classes,
while helping the instructor in demonstrating and instructing,
helped the (same) instructor in a second studio weekly, too,
and managed an additional practice I instructed once a week for one year.
I produced several short movies, indie-no-budget-esk. (YouTube Channels: “Beit HaPancake Hafakot”, “OLD DynaZor”, “DynaZor”)

(end of TL;DR)


Dislocated High Hopes

I was recruited to the IDF after being accepted to several filming units,
one of them gave me a role in a one-man project which was perfect for me;
Shoot, edit and publish several video clips throughout my service.
I’ll skip ahead; I was eventually assigned in another unit, totally different and very technical,
in which I did my best and an ‘accident’ happened;

One of my commanders dropped a 40KG appliance to me from a truck.
Obedient as I was (still working on that) I caught it,
both my shoulders partly dislocated,
I walked 60 meters and waited there for a couple of minutes until other soldiers took it from me.
As soon as the weight was taken from me I fainted.

I partly tore the tendon of both my shoulders.


At first, I tried to resist the pain and force it out by exercise; BAD IDEA!
Then I strapped both my arms to my chest (as in the picture), and went on…

Eventually I was discharged from the army, and began my citizenship “life”.

Summing it up, ’cause I can

All my life I was super active, a man of many trades,
and I excelled in the areas I felt good in.
My obedience ruined my army career (how ironic)
and until this day I’m hurt badly – both mentally and physically.

I’ll continue from here in the next post tagged “History of a DynaZor”.

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