My Audio Gear

Field Recording

Tascam DR-05

Mostly set as Mono, 16bit 48KHz
With a cheap Chinese 32GB MicroSD card.
Mounted on top of my DSLR,
or on a hotshoe stand. (hidden if needed)
For long shoots, I might use a USB Power Bank to power it.
Problem is the power banks I have shut off after some time…
In the future I’ll buy a power bank that won’t shut off.

Home Recording and Monitoring

Samson GO Mic

Speech microphone with a built in DAC.
Connects via USB and has a 3.5mm monitoring jack.

(Past) Creative Sound Blaster Omni 5.1

General purpose USB DAC (External Sound Card).
I use it with all editing software,
using ASIO (supported!) when I can.
I disabled all audio enhancements
and set it to 16 bit / 48 KHz. (Windows Sound Settings)
I connect my guitars to it when I record music.
It cannot monitor real time input AND output,
so music recording is not that great with it…

Update Mid-2019:
Built-in microphone is dead, therefore I switched to using the Motherboard’s built in DAC for the speakers and got a Samson GO Mic as a microphone.

Headphones, for both

Superlux HD 668B

2×56 Ohms elements
I wish the bass was a bit more tighter,
except that I LOVE ‘EM!

I use them as monitors, both in home and outside.
They’re light, easily adjustable,
have a removable cord
and they’re not fully isolating – which helps to communicate on set.

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