My Cameras

Disclaimer: I shoot mainly non-profit 1080P video, so my cameras don’t exceed this resolution.

Main Camera

Canon T3I 600D

I use it all the time, for everything basically.
No real problems, I like it a lot!!

Magic Lantern Nightly
Vertical Battery Grip (Non-branded from eBay)
DR-E8 (2 Original and the rest Non-branded from eBay)
LP-E8 Batteries (2 Genuine Canon, 2 non-branded from eBay)
Sony NP-F### Battery Adapter Plate (Non-branded from eBay)
NP-F970 Batteries 7200mAh 7.4v (Non-branded from eBay)
Viewfinder – Magnetic (eBay V3 I think, DIY Hotshoe Mount)

How I use my Canon 600D (to be linked to post)

Link to My Lenses


Second Camera

Sony HDR-CX730E

I use it only when I need to run fast with a camera, or a 60 FPS.
It has an amazing Optical Stabilizer!
But the camera is semi-automatic
and the footage is heavily processed.
Also, it is the Behind The Scenes camera I let other people use.
For future films I might use my phone as a BTS camera…
It is good enough.

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