Guitar Upgrade – Paula gets the final touch – Part 2 Parts, Parts Everywhere

Currently I’m receiving the parts for the upgrade.
So here’s all I already have\received!

Links to the rest of the process:
Part #1 – The Plan
Part #3 – Before We Begin
Part #4 – Smooth As Basalt

As it’s already clear (wait, is it?) I’m going for a
~Transparent on Wood with Black and Chrome\Nickel hardware ~
Catchy colouring scheme name, isn’t it? NOPE.
I believe it will look cool, and really hope I’m right about that XD

This will be a bit boring post, it’s mostly part names and links…

Link to Upgrade Table in the end of the post,
in which the upgrade process is documented.

Strat SSS Transparent Pickguard

TRANSPARENT!!!! (with covers still on)

from iknmusic, eBay
I just received it and wow,
first time I get a pickguard that is packaged safely!
Thanks to eBay seller “iknmusic” for that 🙂
(referring to past cheap eBay purchases;
pickguards arrived a little or very bent because their
packaging wasn’t good enough so IL Post won’t ruin them)

Also, the pickguard is more transparent than I had expected it to be,
which is a good thing!
(It’s right handed, I just took the picture wrong way…)

Awesome packaging for a pickguard

I tried putting the pickguard above the
installed one just to see what I need to adjust,
apparently a lot 😛
After all this is a MIM body and a US type pickguard…
In the meanwhile all I can do, and did, is to sand all (too) sharp edges,
widen the bridge cut-out a little bit so my bridge will fit,
make a small crack and glue it back up
(at the moment it was practically invisible to me and sh*t happens…)
and put it back in it’s box so I won’t destroy it (more) accidentally.

PS. I have 11 holes, if you buy – make sure it’s the correct # of holes,
and their spacing.

Just search “Strat SSS Transparent Pickguard” on Amazon\eBay

Pro’sKit Helping Hands

Well it looks like a nifty little (but heavy) tool,
the reason I ordered it is that I always burn myself
and the cable’s insulation…
So this gadget should hold my wire
and component in place while I solder them together.

I plan on using it also as a “virtual pickguard” –
holding the components in their real placing,
while having full access to them.
This way I can make exact wire lengths without ruining the pickguard,
and thus make it look better and with less clutter and burnt insulation.

What I already did to it was:
testing of course,
in which I found that it glides on my table easily when I touch it.
So I (super) glued to its base some thin PVA which adds friction.

Just search “Pro’sKit Helping Hands” on Amazon

Boring stuff

Kmise MI0157H4 4-Piece Black Knobs from Amazon
Somehow, I always receive the knobs with some cracks,
I blame IL Post services.
but this time since Amazon packed the package nicely,
so the cracks are smaller and less noticeable.
Also, kudos to the seller\manufacturer who put covers for the tops,
so they won’t scratch in delivery and install 🙂

I didn’t receive the pots yet so I don’t know I the will fit the Bourns ones…

Just search “Kmise MI0157H4” on Amazon

Keystone Solder Terminal Double Head Lugs from eBay
Perfect for smaller pickguard screws, so I’ll use one of those to make a star ground point.

Parts that I already had

Paula before the upgrade

Wilkinson WVP6NI SB Nickel Tremolo Bridge
from vansonguitars, eBay
Big heavy block, nice finish, strings go though easily,
and a nice handle with a locking screw.

Warman Texas Vintage Single Coils from Warman
They just bring out the good in the bad wood 🙂
Humbuckers sounded awful on this guitar…

Graph Tech Tusq XL Black PT 5042-0 from Banzai
Should prevent sticking strings while tuning,
bending and using the tremolo.
Also I love black nuts (…pun NOT intended…)

Squier Tuning Keys Stock (I want to replace in the future)
The original one I had on the guitar…
I just don’t have the money for new ones at the moment..
I will replace them to Wilkinson EZ lock for strat once I do.

The Wood itself Bought locally
A combination of the body of
-Squier by Fender MIM Stratocaster California Series – that I repainted
and the neck of
-Slammer by Hamer Pacer 3 – that I painted on with a Sharpie… I’m still young and stupid, yup..

Additional things:

Wires are “2Pin Extension Red Black for LED 22AWG” from eBay
They’re 2 “Zipped” stranded core wires, nice to work with.

Tin is Rosin core 0.5mm from eBay
Might feel brittle, but I like it that way.

“50mm*2m One Side Copper Foil Tape with adhesive” from eBay
For shielding, sticks well enough but I WILL add glue.

“Rocket Blower” from eBay
To blow dust away, so I don’t blow with my mouth and spit accidentally.

I use a “Weller 25” (SI25D) Soldering Iron, pretty old, couldn’t find online…

The adventure begins…

I’m sorry for the mass of links, but also I do this to help both of use
(both helping you find the items to buy, and me keeping the website alive)
I’ll document as much as I can,
while filling my table which contains the steps I need to take.
When I have enough footage and information I can make into a post,
I’ll post it ASAP!
I think this upgrade process will take about 6-10 hours total,
and not the most interesting.
But it’s something to do, so I’ll make the best of it 🙂

Link to Upgrade Table on Google Docs

See ya in the next one,