Guitar Showcase – Meet Dualova

Once I got those pickups, they never left Dualova,
she didn’t even change her name because they’re so good!

She looked like that when bought… mostly

Every guitar I own has her own story.
It’s not that I’m a famous player, I did only one gig in a shelter 😛
It’s not that the guitars had history,
they were mostly used by normal people before I bought them.

It’s just that they come and then totally change.

Dualova was named like that because her purpose was having 3 humbuckers
(3 * DUAL coil pickups… yeah…. kill my puns with fire, quick!)
and switches for every possible sound.

That’s what she looked like in all her glory: (Image on the right)

Originally: Hamer Slammer Pacer 3 Black (I think)

I thought the pickups were the reason she was heavy as hell,
but when I replaced the electronics with normal parts
(and the amount of them)
she still was heavy!
She’s made of MDF wood, but it’s very dense,
so she’s heavy and sounds like a bad acoustic guitar!

Also, notice the neck (which you might recognize from Paula) –
I used a Sharpie to draw the black shape, and when it became purple,
ONLY THEN I painted (over it..) with spray paint…
Learn from my mistakes… please…
#don’tharmguitarswithsharpies #dontsharpieyourguitarnecks

The pickup configuration on Dualova was:
Neck: 2 Dual Rail Pickup (Single coil sized humbucker, each)
Middle: Single Coil, Dual Rail
Bridge: Hot Humbucker
AND a Piezo pickup
(which broke all the circuit so I Gave up on it..)

I filled the tremolo cavity with wood, and installed a fixed bridge,
made non-straight through body string ferules and it was great.

Anyway, Dualova proved me that I like the normal humbucker wiring the most,
and that I like each pickup the way it was made to be in…
I didn’t expect anything more, but wanted to know what’s all the fuss was about
(with parallel, series, 3 pickups, coil splitting, etc..)

After messing with that monster,
I decided on buying a set of pickups different from what I had in my other guitars;

Dualova as of Today

HBP90 – Humbucker Sized P90.
I used “Vanson AlNiCo V P90 SET” from VansonGuitars on eBay
A great buy indeed!

From then on, the guitar hasn’t changed, I only disabled a mod that was unnecessary…
I had a third pickup in the middle, without magnets,
which I tried to use as a humbucker with the selected pickup.
It introduced more noise…
When I disabled it, (and upgraded the jack and its boat plate)
the guitar sounded GREAT!

Later, for Paula’s sake, as Paula’s missing the low end, I swapped their necks.
Dualova sounds and plays well even with the light Squire neck of Paula!
(and Paula can finally have a straight neck!)

I don’t use it as much as the other guitars because it
has such an aggressive attack which doesn’t fit most genres I play.
But when I play Punk and jumpy Rock, it’s perfect!

So that’s Dualova for you 🙂
After I’ll finish with Paula, I’ll add Gear page for each of the guitars.

If you want more info, contact me and I’ll add in a post or in the gear page.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day,

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