DynaZor TowerDefense

Free Open Source Simplistic 2D Top-Down
Real-Time Strategy Tower Defense game,
A passion project lead by me 🙂

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Git Repository @ Bitbucket

The Game itself (Builds in Downloads),
Source Code, Progress Updates,
Media and Behind The Scenes content.
You are welcome to report issues at the Issues page.

Mission Management @ Trello

Live Mission Tracking, additional info

Current Dev-Stage:
Proof Of Concept

The Proof Of Concept’s goal is to plan, conceptualize and begin the creation of the final game.
It will (hopefully) include all the gameplay features, which will be refined in the next stages.

Stages done:

(Done!) Prototype

The Prototype was meant to test DynaZor’s abilities for the creation of the game.
The Prototype’s practical goal is to have the Main Basic Systems of the game working.

(This page is a Work In Progress)