Website Update #1 – Gear pages, 2nd Blog Post, Themes

So I updated the website in a couple of areas

Gear Pages

I organized and added information about my gear,
categorized in a couple of pages and added images for each item.
Took pictures of my workstation and added them, too.


After messing around for too much time with previous themes,
I’m currently settled on Author by Compete Themes.
As I know myself, I’ll change a lot of themes in the future.
I never settled truly on one theme, and when I customize them I always break them and give up 😛

2nd Blog Post

Link to the 2nd blog post “Blog #2 – Where are my shoulders again? [History of a DynaZor]
It took a lot of time to finish, as I have little confidence in making this blog at all…
But I posted it and I will move forward, start to post on current events.

General Optimization

I deleted unused plugins.
Disabled unnecessary plugins.
And currently looking for a way to make a subscription for
people who might want to know when I upload posts…
Please, if you have any idea, contact me by eMail for suggestions on that (see new Contact page 🙂 )


Since I don’t really know how you’ll be able know when I post,
I added the option to subscribe by eMail, so you’ll get updated 🙂
Again, suggestions are welcome!

I think that’s it for today’s update 🙂

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